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Hey everyone, over the next few months, as you may have already noticed, we are going to be playing some new games on Bombastic. It’s our goal to evolve the channel into something much bigger, making videos using new upcoming games, while still making Star Wars videos for you all to enjoy. If you are playing any new games, or any of the games in this image, we would love for you to send us your Funny Moments, Kills of the Week, Epic Plays, and also clips for a new series, FIFA 19 Goals of the Week. The format and types of videos we will be making will stay the same for now, we will just be covering a broader group of games. You can submit your clips to us at, and we hope you join us on this exciting new chapter of Bombastic! 😎

> Submit your clips:

> Potential new games:
– FIFA 19
– Marvel’s Spider-Man
– Battlefield V
– Red Dead Redemption II
– Spyro Reignited Trilogy
– Hitman 2
– Friday the 13th
– Fallout 76
– Anthem
– Lego Star Wars
– Other older Star Wars games

> New and Continuing Series
– Funny Moments
– Kills of the Week
– Funny Gameplay Moments
– FIFA 19 Goals of the Week

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