Help Me Bombastic! (FAQ)

What is Bombastic?

A YouTube channel and website run by a few Aussie mates from down under. We make lots of Star Wars content. It’s usually bombastic. Well, always bombastic.

Who is Bombastic?

Who you ask? Well there’s me, Andrew (Bombastic). I make most of the videos and run the channel. Then there’s Evan (ShadowPotato). Sometimes he can be a bit of a potato, but he’s pretty cool. He makes videos too, and is usually my moral support when I’m a little low on bombasticity. Then there’s Orion (plazdripp). He’s the angry one who people say looks like the ‘boom headshot’ guy. He doesn’t do much. Then there’s Ben (Warlock). He’s an all round bombastic legend who helps me get my ideas straight. Then there’s Mike (Mike Foble VO). He’s got the greatest voice in the galaxy. Together, along with a few other friends and fans here and there, we make an extremely bombastic team.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. From Coruscant to Otoh Gunga, we’ve got you covered.

Can I return items?

If you receive a faulty item, you can return it. However, we do not accept returns if you change your mind.

Payment Options?

We use PayPal to process all orders. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still checkout as a guest using a card.

How can I stay bombastic?

Now I think you already know the answer to that¬†ūüėé