First Order Rant

The First Order’s ships.

Now this one’s a little different. We decided that there was no one single bad First Order ship, rather instead, the First Order are just bad. Their fundamental belief, is that if the Resistance destroys one of their ships, then they’ll just build a bigger one. A way bigger one.

Alright so the First Order obviously has it’s roots in the Empire. They built the First Death Star. It got destroyed. So they built a fleet of Star Destroyers, and another even bigger Death Star. They got destroyed. So they regrouped as the First Order, and went, hmm, the Rebels seem to be destroying all our ships and designs. I know! We’ll make them bigger! We’ll build a bigger one!

That gets destroyed. So they build another fleet of Star Destroyers, with this big ass dreadnought that’s they think will be 10 times scarier and more powerful than the last few. You know what happens. It all gets destroyed. Conclusion. The First Order. The Engineers. Whoever’s coming up with these ideas. They’re all idiots.

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